Tips for First Time Parents on Decorating a Nursery


You’ve recently found out your expecting a new addition to your family, and are beginning to think about creating that perfect nursery for your little one to sleep in. While many new parents instantly start reviewing color schemes and patterns, there is more to consider when creating the perfect “baby space”. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


The most crucial part of decorating a nursery is to consider any windows in the room. Spend time in the nursery room at various points in the day, taking note of any direct sunlight or drafts. Consider such areas that have greater morning light or streetlight, as these items could keep a child awake during the early morning or late at night more so than a less lit area. When looking at window curtains and coverings, avoid those that are floor length or any blind with a long cord that a child could easily grab. This simple touch could keep your child from pulling down fabric or looping a blind cord around her neck, which could end tragically.

Be Practical

Babies are messy, fussy creatures, but entirely simple.¬†They don’t know the difference between a four thousand dollar crib and a soft blanket placed in a dresser drawer (as many new parents used during World War One) as long as they are comfortable. Include basics and enough decorating to make the room look nice, but be sure not to go overboard. There are in fact a lot of nursery ideas on a budget you can choose from. Keep in mind that when your child reaches preschool, you are more than likely going to have to redecorate the whole room. Save yourself the unnecessary work by painting walls solid colors, and using photo frames to add “baby” decorative touches. Also, don’t purchase linens that can’t be easily washed, including those used for decorative pillows or curtains.


A good nursery needs to include a few key items: a bassinet or cradle, a crib, a changing table, a chest of drawers, a rocking chair or glider, a mobile to hang over the crib or bassinet, and another to hang over the changing table. Any other furniture is completely optional. Remember that any furniture item than can be easily turned over by a child’s tugging should be secured to the wall, such as a dresser.


No matter what theme or color scheme, furniture style or cost you choose for your child’s nursery, remember that comfort and safety for the baby are the number one priority.

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