Paint Personality: Choosing Colors to Reflect Your Mood


Some people can’t imagine a home filled with bright colors, while others want every room a different color. Paint color in your home can set the mood and influence the way you and others in your home feel. Paint colors is not necessarily all about decorating or matching your couch. The color you choose creates an environment that you love and provides comfort and reflects your personality.

Picking a color for your walls is like seeing into your mind. Using various colors can stimulate, relax, nurture or comfort. When you are ready to pick a paint color to use for your walls, there are several factors to consider. It’s a personal decision and everyone will approach picking a paint color differently. What will work in one room, may not work for another. You may not be able to tell the exact shade you want, but you know what appeals to you and what colors you would never consider.

There are literally thousands of paint colors to choose from. It is not always an easy choice. You can spend weeks making a choice and then when you get it on the walls, you still may not love it. Every paint maker sells their own line of paint in all kinds of shades. For instance, you may want a green apple color in your bathroom, but you will find all sorts of variants on just that one color. Home improvement stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot and paint stores such as Sherwin Williams, can provide you with lots of paint samples.

In order to help you choose a paint color to express your unique personality, consider these easy guidelines:

Visit the stores: First of all, visit the different paint stores and see what is available. You can pick up paint chips and fan decks to take home with you. Also, keep in mind that when you pick a shade, it may differ from store to store. Some paint websites, such as Benjamin Moore, offer customers interactive paint colors. You can pick colors you like and see how they look on walls.

Picking a Palette: If you still are having problems deciding on a color, visit a fabric store with your favorite paint chips. See what you like and see if a general palette starts to reoccur. For instance, after looking at several stores, you may find that what you are picking out over and over again are all in the blue or red family. This will give you a good idea of what you like and what you would love to have on your walls.

Here are some common palettes you may find in your search:

Pastels: These are colors that many people choose for their walls because they feel that the colors are “safe”. These colors are also good choices if you have colorful furniture or colors that are neutral. Pastels can offer you a chance to easily change your surroundings without repainting your walls.

Garden Shades: Garden shades are colors are often vibrant and lively. These colors tend to draw people in. People who choose these colors want their home to really reflect their inner personalities.

Sun Colors: This are often earthy tones, such as oranges, bronze, reds, yellows and terra-cottas. These often go well with a casual surrounding and offer you energy and openness. These types of colors are perfect for rooms where you will entertain, such as a den or a kitchen.

Beach and Sea: Beach colors are colors you automatically think about when you think of the sea. Colors of seashells, sea glass and water are top choices. Think aqua, blues, and teals. Many people choose to paint their bathrooms and guest bedrooms in these colors. They reflect a calm escape and make you feel that you are escaping the hectic day-to-day life.

Mixed Colors: Think of mixed colors like a mosaic. These are rich colors that reflect travels, cultures and classic decoration. This is a very popular color palette that goes well with a home filled with trinkets from around the world.

Classic Tones: Using a classic palette can help show your classic style, strength and love of history. English manors are often filled with this color palette.

Natural Colors: These colors are not the same as pastels. Think oatmeal, bone white, khaki and sand. Many homeowners choose natural colors because they offer versatility. These are easy to use with almost any style and decorating style.

Romantic: Victorian decorating uses pretty, romantic tones. These colors are generally soft and inviting and offer a getaway kind of feels. Many bedrooms have these colors.

When you pick a color to reflect you personality, consider where the color will go. If you want to stimulate your child’s imagination in a playroom or his or her bedroom, you will most often want to go with vibrant tones, such as primary colors. Light pink is more likely to relax your child than stimulate creativity.

Likewise in your kitchen. If your kitchen is the hub of your home, you will want to choose colors that stimulate conversation and keep your guest feeling invited and welcome. A guest bedroom would do well with neutrals or pretty tones that help relax.

Whatever you choose, you can find colors that will show your sense of style and personality. Paint is an important part of a home and you will find that the color of the walls will tie the whole room together.

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