Landscape for Spring: Easy Projects You’ll Love


Who doesn’t love the spring? Here are my top 10 inexpensive landscaping projects for your home:

#1 – Flowers and Teapots

Of course you can use anything you like if you aren’t a teapot fan. I like the old copper pots myself. Find containers at any thrift store or yard sale and plant your favorite flowers. These are great for a porch or entryway. If you find large containers, they look great in the yard and bring bright spots of color to any home. Do this outside and soak up the sunshine and fresh air.
Supplies: Flowers, potting soil, spade, gardening gloves, sunshine, and containers

#2 – Flower Beds

My favorite flower beds are beds that look natural. I love to use old railroad ties, river rock, or even fallen tree branches to give a unique look. If your bed is against your house, plant taller flowers in the back and don’t be afraid of a lot of color. I don’t use bed liners under my soil because I enjoy getting outside to weed my flower beds.
Supplies: Flowers, edging material (rock, railroad ties), garden hoe, spade, gloves, bed liner (optional), and water hose

#3 – Hammock Getaway

We did this last year and love it! Find a sturdy hammock and two great trees but don’t stop there. To give yourself a spot to retreat and beautify your yard, plant anything you like and lots of it. We planted roses that wind up one of the trees, shrubs, and completed our little hideaway with a solar powered water feature. Very relaxing! I can’t wait to take a nap in the warm sunshine this year. It’s my favorite place to read.
Supplies: Hammock, plants, water feature (very soothing), and planting tools

#4 – Bench and wisteria

My friend built a bench for my children that encircles one of our oak trees. It looked great but needed a little something extra. I went with wisteria which grows very quickly and will wrap over the bench and tree as you train it to.
Supplies: Bench (buy or build), wisteria vine

#5 – Outdoor Patio

This is our project for this spring. We aren’t going overboard just laying some natural stone for a nice patio. This should look great with my teapots full of flowers. Don’t be intimidated by this project. It’s much easier than laying tile inside. If you buy stones that look natural; you can’t tell if you’ve messed up. We want a very natural look so we aren’t even using concrete. Easy!
Supplies: Stones, shovel, measuring tape, and some imagination

#6 – Butterfly Garden

Would you be upset if butterfly’s loved your yard? Didn’t think so! Plant a small area specifically for this purpose. Plants like dandelion, milkweed, and any nectar plant will bring the butterflies. Place some sunning rocks here and there, and a little water feature would be wonderful.
Supplies: Native plants and nectar flowers, rocks, water feature, shovel, spade, and gloves

#7 – Birdhouse or Bird Village

Build or buy the materials for a birdhouse. If you have children, they will love seeing nature so up close and personal. You can use anything from posts with a hole drilled in it for a smaller bird to an elaborate birdhouse. As I’ve said, I like the more natural look so use materials that look integrated into the area.
Supplies: Concrete, birdhouse or posts etc.., drill, shovel

#8 – Homemade Fire Pit

This would be great on your new patio! If you are in a rocky area…use those rocks as it’s free. Choose your shape and go to work. Do remember that concrete is harder to get rid of if you don’t like it…so pick your spot carefully and take your time.
Supplies: Rock, concrete, measuring tape, gloves, and spade

#9 – Hide It

Landscape timbers are a great fix for almost anything you don’t want seen. A/C unit, under the deck, and more. They are very easy to work with and come in different sizes.
Supplies: Timbers, measuring tape, nails, nail gun

#10 – Greenhouse

I know it sounds like a big project! It’s inexpensive and easy. Build a simple frame and cover it with Plexiglas or plastic works too. You’ll have flowers all year long! I built mine in two days with lots of breaks
Supplies: 2 by 4’s, nails, nail gun, plastic or Plexiglas, door, windows if you like

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