How to Decorate with a Strawberries Theme

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Strawberries are a cheerful and colorful decorating theme. Strawberry decorating accents are perfect for a kitchen but also look charming in other rooms – for instance, the bedroom, living room and even the bathroom. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your home with strawberries.

Strawberry wallpaper gives a room a soft country touch. Choose a tiny strawberry patterned wallpaper for a subtle and sweet look. A graphic, bold strawberry wallpaper contributes contemporary and quirky style. Coordinate with your strawberry wall paper by using wall hangings and art works that feature a matching color of red. Of course, strawberry paintings are a perfect compliment to strawberry décor!

Strawberry cushions are an easy and inexpensive way to add to your strawberry décor. If you like quilting, why not make your own strawberry cushion covers? Check out the many strawberry quilt patterns which you can find online.

Real strawberry plants are a sweet smelling (and tasty) design accent for a kitchen. You can find strawberry hanging baskets and potted plants at your local garden center. An inexpensive option is to use a packet of strawberry seeds to grow your own strawberry house plants.

Accent a kitchen or dining room with a strawberry tablecloth. Buy one new or look for vintage strawberry tablecloths and fabrics at thrift stores and flea markets.

A charming addition to a living room or kitchen is a strawberry Roman blind. A pretty vintage strawberry bed sheet is perfect for making your own Roman blind. You can find instructions for Roman blinds in curtain making instruction books sold at Amazon and crafts stores.

Strawberries are ideal for stencilling projects. They are simple for the beginner and only require three colors of stencil paint. You can find stencilling project books, patterns and supplies at an art and craft store or at a good book store.

Unusual items, such as strawberry rugs and lampshades, can provide a focal point for a room. Scour design stores, EBay and flea markets to find unique strawberry home accessories. Another way to get a real one of a kind strawberry home accessory is to commission an artist or craftsperson to make one for you. For instance, a handmade strawberry quilt or throw looks dazzling in a bedroom or living room.

Finally, here is a tip to help you to decorate with a strawberries motif. Keep other accessories simple and light – for instance, use a backdrop of white walls and light furniture as a foil to your strawberry accessories. This maintains the fresh, carefree look that a strawberry motif brings to your home.

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