How Not to Surprise Your Wife on Valentine’s Day


Sometimes, the best intentions and well laid out plans…well, they go south. Don’t be like the guy who got caught on a dog camera trying to sneak a puppy in for his loved one.. Such is the case with the most recent redecorating venture that has taken place in my house. I can’t claim that it was a planned project, because it most certainly was. It had been discussed, but never finalized, talked about but never diagrammed and mapped out. You see that is how I go about with decorating projects. When the male ego (the husband) becomes involved, the plans go a tad bit differently.
Last Sunday was a rare day, rare in that I had a blessed 3 hours of time in which I was not scheduled to do anything for anyone. My husband had no plans for us and my 11 year old daughter had a get together to attend. I dropped her off and found myself driving aimlessly through my neighborhood thinking of the many, many things I could do in 3 whole hours! I ended up in Costco which took up 1 of those hours, and spent another hour at the mall (ok, so I have established that I have no life). Then I went home. I walked into the house only to find that my dear husband had taken it upon himself to surprise me and re-decorate our bedroom. By redecorate, I mean he moved furniture around….way around.

We had acquired 2 lovely chairs recently that we decided to put in the bedroom, but since we were not sure how to arrange the room, I thought we were going to wait until we had diagrammed it out….apparently not so. My bedroom….my refuge….is now a totally dysfunctional room. There is no rhyme or reason as to how this man arranged the room. The bed is up against the wall right near the door, the night tables are east and west on the opposite sides of the room. The chairs have been placed in the room, but if you sit in one of them, your view of the television is obstructed by bed’s four posts. My bedside lamps are no longer bedside. I was near tears when I saw the completed project, although I bit my tongue, I was thinking of all kinds of mean rotten things to say to him. In my heart though, I knew he meant well, this wasn’t a selfish act on his part, he really and truly thought it would be a pleasant surprise for me. He saw my reaction (which was basically mute), and he kept saying this is only temporary, we can change this in a couple of weeks……who in their right mind wants to switch furniture around again in a few weeks?!!!!! Last night after I finished reading my book, I had to drop it on the floor… only other choice was to toss it across the room and hope it landed on one of the night tables.

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