Home Flower Bouquets: Tips to Keep the Cut Flowers Looking Fresh


Many people begin to think about fresh cut flower bouquets in the home decor when they are reminded of spring or Valentine’s day.

Several tips exist that can help prevent the flowers from drooping or suffering a premature demise.

  1. Cut the stems of flowers in a pan of warm water. Remove approximately 1 inch from the stems end. Removing the old cut site can help prevent water bubbles from forming in the flower’s stem which render the flower unable to absorb water. Use pruning shears to successfully cut the stem. Scissors or a knife will damage the cut tip and make it unable to successfully absorb water. Cut the stem at an angle of 45 degrees.
  2. Place the fresh cut flower bouquet into a clean vase with clean water. Mix a flower preservative into the water to help provide the flower with much needed sugar and nutrients so it lives longer.
  3. Clip away any leaves below the water line. Place the flowers in a large container. A vase that is too small obstructs air circulation around each flower which can make them droop and die faster.
  4. Locate a cool area of the home to place the flower bouquet within. The flowers will last longer in a cool location that is out of direct sunlight.
  5. Replace the water and the preservative every third day. Fresh water will help keep the flower stems from suffering from bacteria or fungal infections. Use room temperature water or lukewarm water so the cut flowers are not shocked.
  6. If the flowers begin to droop or wilt consider re-cutting the ends of the flower’s stems to rejuvenate the flower’s ability to absorb water and nutrients. Remember to do it under water again to keep the dreaded air bubble from forming.
  7. Never place fresh flower bouquets near a bowl of fruit. When fruit decomposes it releases ethylene gas which can cause the cut flowers to begin to droop and die prematurely.
  8. Flower varieties that bloom in clusters may open at different times. Be sure to discard the spent blossom to give the surrounding flowers and buds a chance to open and thrive. Simply pinch away the spent blossom using your fingertips and discard.

Despite the best of care, some flower species simply do not last as long as other when cut. Delicate flowers, such as anemones, often have a short vase life of only three days.

Cut flowers may require a bit of work to keep them looking fresh but they give many visual and often fragrant rewards to a home’s decor.

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