Decorating with Pink for a Classic Look


Is it possible to decorate with pink without achieving a ‘too girly’ effect? I wanted to find out. While many people appreciate and celebrate the girly associations of pink, you might be looking for a more neutral, classic look. Good news – it’s entirely possible to use pink to add color and excitement to a room without causing complaints from the men folk in your home that it’s too girly.

Check out the way that pink is used in this English country property, Hammond House, which is also a Bed and Breakfast. With the high ceilings and large windows, the pink walls look stately. The pink and white eau de toile upholstery looks very elegant. No man would argue with about staying in this guest bedroom!

The pink bedroom at L’orangerie manages to convey a strong rustic feeling even though the walls are pink! The designer has smartly used dark furniture and accessories such as lamps and tapestries, creating a striking contrast. You can see more images of this rental house in Merida on its blog here.

This pink kitchen is airy and modern. It combines pink with lots of white and uses a large scale gingham print on the walls. By using lots of bold patterns and square shapes, the designer has created a counter balance for the light pink color.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s dining room shown on this design blog uses pink in very pale shades with modern furniture for an artful, minimalist look.

Magenta pink on bathroom walls has bold contemporary look in bathrooms with furnishings made from Italy.

So, there you have it, pink can not only look ephemeral, but bold, rustic and minimalist. Pink is undoubtedly a unique color choice for the dining room and kitchen. Used in the right way, it can really make a statement.

Here are some tips for using pink to create a classic look:

  • Use dark accent colors in furniture and accessories for contrast. For a modern look, use very light shades of pink. This reflects light and makes the room look bigger.
  • Avoid using too much color by accompanying pink walls with white curtains, cabinets, tablecloths, etc.
  • Use pink to add a splash of color to a neutral background. For instance, add a pink cushion or blanket to a cream sofa.
  • Use furniture and accessories that have more masculine shapes to counterbalance the feminine associations of pink. These include wrought iron accessories, rectangular furniture and large linear prints.

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