Bedroom Decor with Vintage Flower Basket Motifs

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Decorating Ideas Using Flower Basket Collectibles and Crafts

Flower basket motifs used in decorating lend a fresh, spring-like look to our homes. Long popular, these designs are available in unique antiques and collectibles of all sorts. Ideas for decorating bedrooms with vintage flower basket memorabilia follow.

Bedroom Décor with Flower Basket Design Vintage Linens

An attractive cotton chenille bedspread from the 1940s or 50s makes an outstanding central focus for a flower basket theme room. Choose a colorful, plush design you love in overall good condition. Some spreads will feature one large, striking basket design, others have groupings or borders of smaller baskets, bows etc.

Continue the theme with collectible dresser scarves, table runners, or doilies. For example, a scallop edged, delicately embroidered scarf from the 50’s, or a crocheted piece featuring a rainbow of blossoms in woven baskets would look charming. If you like doing needlework, consider stitching an unusual old-fashioned looking design such as a figural flower basket scarf made of fabric yo-yos.

Another idea is to make curtain valences from vintage textiles having flower basket motifs. Quilt scraps, linen tea towels, cloth napkins – any older fabrics with patterns and coordinating colors are possibilities. A fun accessory to use with these would be antique painted iron tiebacks, sometimes available in the shape of flower baskets.

Decorating Bedrooms with Flower Basket Figures

Vintage flower basket figures in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials work well as primary decorative accessories in this theme. You can find and use older figures from different times that are made of china, glass, wood, or metal. Among larger pieces, cast iron doorstops shaped like flower baskets were popular from the 1880s to 1930. You might display a few vintage doorstops, such as an iron piece produced by Hubley, of a mixed bouquet design. Or a doorstop featuring a particular blossom, such as an early piece with pretty yellow poppies in a handled iron basket. Using well-made antique reproduction doorstops is another possibility.

Collections of small flower basket figurines, or a few unique larger pieces may be the easiest way to have plenty of decoratives to carry out the theme. For instance you might create a collection of delicate pastel colored porcelain figurines from the early 1900s, such as a Japanese pale pink basket filled with white carnations and adorned with a bird. Or a very different look displaying a collection of bold and whimsical daisy laden baskets from the 1970s. Many options exist when decorating with figurines.

Wall Décor for Bedrooms with Vintage Shell Craft Flower Baskets

For many years, craftspeople have created unusual, one of a kind collage pictures with seashells. Dating these pieces can be difficult, but consider using any vintage looking flower basket designs you find attractive. Some collectible pictures feature colorful, intricate patterns against a rich fabric background such as black velvet to set off the beautiful natural shapes of the shells. You can also make your own shell craft pictures to use as wall décor, using vintage flower basket designs and appealing colors.

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